A complete system in one book, designed so that any native speaker can teach English


The ultimate esl teaching manual

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What the book offers:

  • Cut down on preparation time with lesson plans on how to teach every grammar point from beginners to advanced.
  • Never run short of ideas with over 60 vocabulary sets and techniques on how to practice them.
  • Keep your students talking with roleplays, games and other speaking activities.
  • Liven up your class with visual materials for role plays and grammar practice to get your students talking.
  • Help your students master the difficult word order of questions with dedicated question practice.
  • Hand out interesting homework assignments with a list of homework resource pages.
  • Stay ahead with special techniques on how to get the most out of your students.


 How does it work?

The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual practices the no text-book teaching method. In short this involves two things:

  • Controlled speaking exercises called drills, where the teacher plants the grammar or vocabulary in their students’ minds by getting them to answer carefully directed questions.
  • Pairs’ speaking practice, allowing your students the chance to speak and explore the grammar themselves.

This teaching technique mimics the way we learnt our native language (through speaking, listening and repetition) but in a condensed form –allowing your students to learn a second language in classes covering just a few hours a week.

For more information about what you can do with this book, visit the FAQ section.


New accompanying book: The Ultimate Teaching ESL Book of Speaking Activities


The Ultimate Teaching ESL Book of Speaking Activities

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My Story

It was in 2012, when I started teaching, that I noticed a problem. My students weren’t learning. We would do the standard book lesson in class –study the grammar point and read a bit, along with some speaking practice.

In class, they would answer my questions correctly – but when they did their gap-fill exercises for homework, many would make simple mistakes, such as not changing the verb to third person. Not once, or twice – but again and again.

Making mistakes is normal, you may say, but making the same ones for years (these students, had been studying for more than 5 years) is not.

Something was wrong. Though they understood the grammar, it was not entering their system. Something was impeding their progress.

At the end of the course I left and joined another academy. My new school was totally different. There were no overhead projectors or TV screens – and most notably of all, no textbooks.

Here, teachers used a method whereby all grammar and vocabulary was taught through oral drills followed by freer speaking activities allowing students to explore each topic themselves.

Students learnt fast. They learnt fast because this method mimicked the way they had learnt their original language, but in a condensed form. And because everything was taught through speaking, they learnt to put more and more complicated sentences together almost without thinking.

For the teacher, discarding the textbooks can be scary at first. But it is also creatively and intellectually simulating. You become a master at analyzing speech, understanding what your students need and creating exercises for them.

Students recognize your skill, and that you can’t be replaced by another teacher who will pick up where you left off in a book. You are also probably one of the best teachers they have encountered in their long learning careers and they will show their appreciation.

This may sound like a lot of work – but it isn’t. This is why I wrote The Manual, to get you started.

It includes lesson plans, drills and speaking activities for every grammar point – yes, every grammar point; even the obscure ones that go way beyond what you would find at an average academy (it’s a big book). It also contains methodology, games, vocabulary sets and a whole host of other stuff to make your classes special.

And by the way, you don’t need a TEFL qualification to teach this method. You just need to be a native or almost native speaker of English with a good understanding of grammar.

But more about that below.


Advantages for the teacher

Because The ESL manual is a completely self-contained English teaching system you do not need any additional text-books.

This means an end to:

  • Buying expensive text-books (and updating with new editions).
  • Carrying around heavy text-books meaning you can teach classes wherever you are; in classrooms, on the internet or while backpacking.
  • Persuading your students to buy expensive text-books. This may be easy if you belong to an academy but for private classes and teaching online students expect to pay for your services, not a book.

In addition:

Drills are also perfect for teaching English online as teacher and student are in constant communication. There is no ‘dead-air’ while you both try to find the same spot in a book.

If you have to teach from text-books, the ESL Manual can be used as supplementary material for speaking practice.


Advantages for students

The benefits of the no text-book teaching method for students are enormous. You didn’t learn your native language bent over a book. You learnt it through speaking, listening and repetition.

Drills and speaking activities recreate how your students learnt their first language but in a condensed period of time. It is a powerful way to teach and your students will make progress which would have never been possible in text-book lessons.


Where can I buy The Ultimate ESL Teaching series?

The Ultimate English as a Second Language Teaching Manual is available from Amazon Kindle for just $11.30 / £9.59. It’s accompanying book is also available from Amazon for $2.99 / £2.35.


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Hi. My name is Andromeda and I am an English teacher.

I didn’t set out to teach English; I took it up after moving abroad and found my calling.

What I learnt is that the most effective way to teach is also the most creative.

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